Ok, so while most of you seem to be thinking Coco, flappers, and beads.... I'm thinking...... Steamboat willie!!!!!! Yeah!!!! 1920 is when Walt Disney came up with Steamboat Willie later known as Mickey Mouse..... call it a generation gap, but I just didn't think of flappers when I thought of 1920! hahahahah ok, ok, ok... I did a little.... but I didn't want to make a card that looks like everyone elses' card (even though yours is super awesome Gloria). So here's Willie:

I had to putt out the modern Mickey mouse plush to hold my card for the photo.... it was a must! ha ha ha Anyways, the comic strip in the background of the card is storyboard I found online from the Steamboat Willie cartoon, and behind the sentiment I watermarked the 1920's image of Steamboat Willie himself! It's kinda hard to see in the pic, but look really closely and you can make him out. I just thought that the sentiment was funny.... it is on red card stock and lifted up on pop dots (man I love those things!!!). Then I topped it off with a big red satin ribbon, because what's a card without the ribbon? ha ha ha

Ok, I have a birthday cake to make.... I better get with it.... I'll post a pic of that later. Have a great day ladies!!!!


  1. Hi Jammie,
    I love the idea for this this card. Yes I must admit my first thought for the 20's is gangsters and flappers. Don't think I would have ever thought of Mickey.

  2. Aren't you clever, what a great idea, and original, I really like it!!!!

  3. Super fun! I also love those old b/w images of Willie! Funny Disney story... We went to Disneyland in 2008 for our family vacation. We live 45 min. away, so why not? While in line, a little boy - about 2 - was just crying his heart out. His big bro, about 6, leans down and says to him, "Why are you crying?! Don't you know this is the happiest place on earth?!" My teens just howled! Then we saw the Disney movie that showed how Disneyland had been made and they say at the end, "To all who come to this happy place, welcome." Well, my oldest son (18) wanted to film a video of all the kids crying and parents yelling and that sort of thing and end it with that line. My kids are so warped and funny! Wonder where they get it?!

  4. FANTASTIC card girl and LOVE the watermark :)

  5. Congrats for making the top three on 365 :)


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