Does "white space" have to be white?

Hahahaha... according to my lovely friend Gloria, NOPE!!! Hahahaha so here I am again with not so white "white space" cards! I love being a rebel with Gloria! she inspires me to break the white space rules! Simple as this card is, I think I kinda litke it... hummm..... I guess it has to grow on ya.... Maybe now I'll take it and add a whole bunch of embellies! I'm feelin' froggy! Ta ta y'all!

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  1. Fabulous take on this challenge, Jammie. Thanks for playing with us again this week at 365 Cards and hope to see more from you!

    Aloha, Kim
    365 Cards Design Team member
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  2. LOL you go right ahead and add more to it (i won't tell pame)


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