Rub ons?

Ok, So, take a little stroll with me... you ready??? I envision Pam, sitting at her glorious Ikea Card-making desk, sipping a piping hot cup of her special coffee, thinking, "what can I do to make the people who try to follow 365 every day go totally stark raving mad???" Then it hits her!!! The proverbial light bulb flashes so bright it makes the sun seem dull..... RUB-ONS!!!!

Seriously Pam, one day I'll have the supplies that you have.... seriously.... it's on my list! hahahah Thanks God that my pal, Lena just happened to send me a bunch of crap that she claims she'll never use, and there just happened to be a sheet of rub-ons in there!!! Whew!!

You almost got me Pam, Almost.... haha ha.....

Ok I either need some special coffee, or some sleep.... I think I'm opting for sleep! ahahahahaha

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