I break the rules, like Rose! Ha ha ha

Seriously though, the sketch has three circles on it..... That's my 3 little alien guys! The rest is sorta adlibed! Hahahaha I guess I reall am just a card rebel... I'm sorry Pam, I truly am, I want to be good, I just don't think I have it in me... I swear, one day, I'll buy you some "special coffee" and mail it to you!! Ha ha ha I'll try to be good, next sunday maybe..... Or maybe not....thanks for all your comments Miss Rose, you don't influence or encourage me, I swear *wink, wink* !!!!!
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  1. LOL well my little rebel in training you have done good!!! love your little aliens with the googley eyes :)
    you know pam forces us to cheat, right? hahahahaha ;)

  2. Nice to see that there are more rebels out there.... cute aliens you have come up with!*like it*

  3. Aliens...LOVE them....great rebel work:)


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