The touch, the feel of cotton, the fabric of our lives....

Yup, Cotton. That's the kind of girl I am!!! hahaha I'm "sew" not someone who could make a dress, but when faced with this challenge to be inspired by cotton, the first thing I thought of was sewing a dress. Go figure.... Maybe because my mother can sew and she is going to make me a summer dress soon. Perhaps.... ha ha ha Anyways... I used Tote-ally Tess here and some stamp set that I got at JoAnne's fabric store. I decided to go black and white, and add all the little elements in color... I think it worked. The "cotton" ribbons on top I just happened to pick up on different days at Mike's not realizing I had the same patterns, just in pink and blue. ha ha ha Oh well... I think they worked well together on this card! Enjoy... one more to go!

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  1. Clever - like the different take on the Cotton aspect! :-)


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