Sweet as a little strawberry

Circles, circles, and more circles. I feel like I'm running in circles today. With a little sick man on the couch, and so much to do with paperwork for my trademark and opening my Sweet Sentiment business... it's just nutty!
Well anyway, 365 cards today told us to use at least 20 circles on our card... so here it is.... obviously there's more than 20 on here, but hey, I didn't feel like counting, and I wanted to be safe! ha ha
I found this super sweet paper in the stack of scraps that I have that seems to be taking over my office slowly, then I happened to find the sheet of coordinating stickers too! What luck! That was as far as I had gotten when I was called in to take card of little Evan's every whim and re-start his Thomas movie. Then it was back to my card.... I sat down and colored this little chef digi, and just as I had finished that, it was back to waitressing! Then.... I stamped the sentiment and added the sticker and found the ribbon, then it was time to call the city about the paperwork I needed to submit (and the fees, oh the fees!!!). After talking to the super nice girls at the city, then I had to call the trademark dude, and submit my logo (and the fees, ouch!). Then it was back to laying out the card.... after playing with it (a bunch) I finally put the puzzle pieces into place. Back to check on Evan. Then I was finally able to complete this card. ha ha ha See, running in circles! Inside the card has another circle, it's a strawberry sticker that says "Sweet as a little strawberry" around it, and I mounted it on a square of the same paper that the chef is mounted on. DONE! yea!
I don't mean to come off as whiny or complaining, sometimes running in circles is good! I've gotten a lot accomplished thus far, so I'm going to keep with my circle pattern and see what else I can accomplish! ha ha ha circles to all of you! TTFN


  1. Sounds like you 've had a very busy morning and to fit this card in WOW! Great Card.

  2. What a sweet card - you definitely are running in circles today. Hope your little guy is feeling better soon!


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