Silver, Circle, and pearls...Oh my!!!

You guessed it... 365 Cards today wants us to use the items listed above.... I'm reminded of a board game that was popular like 10 years ago where each card had 3 items on it and your job was to be the first to guess the common link between them. These 3 objects didn't seem to go together for me, but I guess I found a common link! A girly card, of course! ha ha ha
Here's my creation: OK so the circles are obvious, the silver is the ribbon and the 2 big brads, and the pearls, well those are the stamp with the huge diamond on them!!! who wouldn't love a string of pearls with a rock that size on it???? ha ha ha wow!
Now I'm off to try and make a card for the sprinkles challenge.... see ya soon!


  1. This is such a cute card! Wouldn't it be a cute design for a gift card holder?

  2. well what girl wouldn't love all these things? lol super cute card :)


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