Rattle Card

OK, Last card today.... 365 said to make a card that made noise! I have a friend who is preggers, so I thought of a baby rattle! Here you go:
Obviously she does not know what she is having... so it is a gender friendly card! hahahaha up in the corner it says "Sweet Little Baby" but it is un-readable from the pic.
OK, I'm all done for the night, I'm exhausted. Had cakes to do today and gift baskets to deliver, and I think my little man is finally well because he was bouncing off the walls (with minimal coughing , thank goodness)!!! So, I'm going to put him in the bath and hope that he conks out soon, because I think that I might! Ha ha ha Talk to you all soon.... Can't wait for SSS tomorrow! I love Sunday mornings, Cards, and tea and me time! Yeay!


  1. Oh my, this is total cuteness!

  2. what a cute idea! and how appropriate to do a baby rattle! i never would've thought of that! :) thanks for taking time to play in the challenge!


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