Ok, so here's yesterdays card, that I didn't make until just now! ha ha ha I was on the phone with my sister telling her that I needed to make an "opposites" card for the 365 challenge, and that I didn't wanna do cats and dogs because most people seemed to be doing that (although I'm totally in love with the one by Tracey, soooooo stinking adorable, you can see it here). After her rendition of Katy Perry's "hot and cold," she suggested doing the tortoise and the hare. That's a classic set of opposites.... so I set out to scour the Internet for a pic of the tortoise and the hair. I colored this on my computer photo program and stamped the sentiment that seemed too perfect. To me, it totally looks like that rabbit is sitting on the stump saying those exact words to that poor little turtle, I guess if you've read the story you'd know that that bunny is soooo gunna eat his words! ha ha ha Ok, so now it's off to re-organize my office, I will get it done today, I swear! ha ha ha (well maybe tomorrow) Talk to you all later...

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