Recipes for a card?

Recipes for a card? Seriously? ok so here's the list? 5x5 card, 3 circles, 2 squares, ribbon, sentiment of your choice. Ok let's make sure I got it. So, the Hibiscus print paper is 5 x 5. Check. 3 yellow circles with flip flops on them. Check. 2 squares and the girl and the one above her with the sun in it, outlined with blue, check. Ribbon is the straps on the flip flops, check. The sentiment of my choice is the little sun that says "Here comes the sun." Check!!!! Yeay, recipe complete! Yeay me! I can follow a recipe, oh wait, I'm a baker, I follow recipes all the time.... damn. ha ha ha Time to go watch the UFC fights! Go Carwin and GSP!!!!!

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