I'm touched, and overlapped too!

OK, so 365 really set forth a challenge today. We had to have at least 8 elements, not counting the background, that had to overlap or touch with at least 2 other elements on the card. Now, after processing this for a bit, and rolling it over in my brain for a few minutes, I think that I got my mind wrapped around what I was supposed to do. So I stamped the train tracks on some satin ribbon and called that element one.... creative huh? so that I could make everything touch at least that as one contact. ha ha ha! sweet! Then I stamped and cut out each train car and the engine and the caboose. Overlapped them with each other as I attached them, sweet! Then...... in each car there is 2 sets of Easter eggs or gifts, so I think I got it covered! Yeay me! ha ha ha So I can't count, but I'm sure I have enough elements to get it covered! Then I added the Easter grass and the puffs of smoke for my sentiment and called 'er a day! See y'all soon!

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