Make my own what????!???!?!??!?!

Seriously? 365 Cards today wants us to make our own embellishments..... specifically, a brad. I can barely make these cards, let alone making my own embellishments to put on it... so.... hummm..... (scratches head) OK, I got it... I took a plain brad... put versamark ink on it... dunked itin gold embossing powder, then heated it.... holy crap those little things get HOT!!!! wow.... OK, no likie. Hummm.... more versamark, and green this time.... hot hot hot hot hot!!!! yeowza! ok, I'm liking it... now what do I do with it? Looks like the center of a flower, how un-origional of me... oh well... guess I should go full tilt with this thing and make my own flower too, oh scallop punch, where are you??? Got it out... and...ummm... why did I think I could make my own flower? Geeze... what a card? OK... guess I just wrinkle the paper and shove this brad through it.... that sorta looks cool.... I like it... OK, I can now make my own embellishments! awesome..... think I'll just keep buying them though..... what do ya think? ha ha ha can you tell it's raining here? I'm going completely crazy! ha ha ha have a good day!

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  1. I am laughing at your story behind this card - too funny! You did a great job!


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