A Bunny-rific Landscape for Spring

Ok, so when I saw that today at 365 Cards was all about landscapes, I totally HAD to use this paper! soooo stinkin' cute!!! I made this into a fun little springtime thank you note by adding the tag at the top, stamping "Thank You" and the little scrolly thingies (yeah, that's a technical term) on it. I thought the little bees looked like they needed to be the banner bearers too, so I tied a little rope to the sign and attached it to the little Bees. Cute little guys huh? then for 3-D effect, i used little flowers, and attached them with brads so that the flowers popped more! Lastly, I put a little button in the rabbit's hands on top of his flower. Now, if that's not a bunny-rific landscape, I don't know what is!! hahahaha Happy Easter to everyone!!!

Now it's off to bed, as my little guy is sick yet again. Temp is 103 and he's got a cough.... kid germs are the worst, they share a lot!!! hahahah I can only imagine how it's gunna be when he starts preschool in the fall. ugh.... Night, Night....

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  1. Very cute card - love the bees holding the sentiment. Hope your little guy is feeling better soon!

  2. Hey Jammie! That is soooo stinkin' CUTE!!! Great use of that paper, love it!

  3. Beautiful!! Hope your little guy feels better soon!


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