Super Sketchy Sunday, ouch!

At first site, my card doesn't seem to fit the sketch. However, if you turn your head to the right (go on, do it) then you will see... hahahah ouch huh? Don't hold it there too long or you'll injure yourself!!! hahahaha This was a super hard sketch for me to do....

But here it is anyways.... for the X's I decided to "distress" the paper, they say these things are open to interpretation!!!! So I tool a little (OK, A LOT) of artistic leeway on that! hahahaha what's a card without a ribbon too? so I added that.... other than that... it's EXACTLY like the sketch, right?????? OK, as Evan says.... "or maybe not!" I tried, that's all I can do..... now it's off to outer space for the next 365 challenge......

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  1. aw this is super sweet and i luv the distressing :)

  2. LOL! Love your creative interpretation - the distressing looks FAB! As does the card, love it!


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