I'm so jealous of Markie's Mom

OK, so I'm back with the sprINKles challenge. We were supposed to go to Markie's mom's collection of cards over at SCS and find something to CASE. The challenge was called "When I grow up I wanna have Markie's Mom's supplies!" Amen sistah!!!!! ha ha ha I swear, if you get a chance... go and check out this woman's cards! She's AMAZING! I can tell you right now that I'll be back there CASE-ing lots more stuff!!!! WOW!!!! OK so her card is above, and my card is down here....

I think I did OK, for being a novice! ha ha ha I love the shirt on the card, and I learned to fold those long about 6th grade or so.... it was a real stretch to try and remember just how to fold them, but after a few tries, it all came rushing back to me! Whew! My card is not nearly embellished as hers is, but hey, I'm on a budget here! hahahaha When I grow up, I wanna have TWICE the supplies as Markie's Mom!!!!!

See y'all tomorrow!

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