From the looking glass

The challenge from 365 was to do a card that had something to do with Alice in Wonderland.... so here it is....
I wanted this card to be more eccentric, but I guess I just can't get in that frame of mind right now.... hummm... what's wrong with me? ha ha ha
Anyways, I always think of a key when I think of Alice in wonderland, maybe because she had such a hard time figuring out that all she needed was a key to get out of that tiny room... who knows... but this card is set up on that premise. The dark blue paper is up on pop dots to add that dimension to the mad hatter running away from us... the white rabbit is reminding us that we're late... so inside the card it says "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, Happy Belated Birthday!"
That's it for now... it's off to the gym!


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