The Easter Bunny has arrived!

OK so not really, and if he brought me this, well lets just say I'd not be happy with him! hahahaha I made this card for the ad inspired challenge from 365, hop on over and check it out. I had this super cute idea of putting an Easter basked on the card, 3-D style, so that I could put a little chocolate bunny in it!!!!! awwww..... (say it with me) however, this is how it turned out...
want waahh wahh.... ha ha ha I mean, it's not horrible, it was just sooooo much cuter (did I make up a word again?) in my brain! Oh well, you can't win 'em all! Until tomorrow folks. I gotta make a Costco run today! TTFN


  1. Oh wow! That is what I call a great take on that ad! It's such a great idea and look at that chocolate bunny (they are the best!!!!) sticking up it's head from the basket! You should be happy with this one!

  2. what a fun card with all the 3Ds.. amazing

  3. I love your 3-D cards! You get a present AND a card each time!


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