Amy's Style says Spring!!!!!

365 Cards is having us emulate someone from the DT's style each day this week, today is Amy. Amy made the round card above and the cute little pinwheel on top.... that felt like spring tome... so I ran with it!!!!!

So, mine are not exactly cards, but I did use the 3D element that Amy suggested. PINWHEELS!!!!! How fun are these??? and they actually work! They were fun to make and the little boxes are full of springtime goodies. I'm going to give them to my mom since she was kind enough to have Evan over for a sleep over last night! Nana's are the best! hahahaha Thanks Amy for the inspiration!


  1. OMGoodness girl these are FANTASTIC!!! :D

  2. wooooooo hooooooooo....sooooo stinkin' FUN!!!!

  3. OK I am just going to scream CUTE! Cute! CUTE!
    what a great job!!!!!

  4. Wohooo!!!! You ROCK the Amy Style, this IS totally cute and fun!!!


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