Vintage 365

365 Cards today says: "Create a card with vintage style." This is a card that Gloria did as the example for today, we were to "scraplift" something from it..... so here' goes.......

I decided I wanted to go with the 50"s era, and I love the old coffee posters! So.... after an hour or so of finding appropriate ones on the Internet, this is what I came up with... I loved how Gloria had her pictures overlapping one another and all at angels, so I took that element from her. Additionally I liked how she grouped her brads in 3"s.... so I scraplifted that too....

I sure hope that I get well soon, I'm pretty sure that this virus I have has totally messed with my card-making prowess..... ho huh... cough, cough, I think I better go get my millionth cup of hot tea doused with honey. someday I'll be normal... wait.... strike that! ;) ha ha ha!


  1. fantastic card! luv all the photos :)

  2. Sorry you're not feeling well, hope you get better really soon! GREAT card! Love all those coffee images!!!

  3. Love the images on the card! Beautiful!

  4. Fantastic job, and a great idea to take the era of vintage that you like it!!!

  5. This is great. Love those images! I do hope you feel better by now! You poor thing!

    Oh, FYI, I made a mini album of coffee recipes that you may like to see. This is the link to my blog, then I think there is a link there to take you to see the inside.


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