Day 360 - Audrey's Signature Style

OK, so same premise as yesterday, however, today it's Audrey's style. I gotta say, I like how this girl thinks!!!! Here's Audrey's card:

I totally loved the way that she stamped a black image on top of the striped paper, and I love how she colored her other stamp, cute it out (leaving a white border) and it looks like she used pop dots to raise it off of the background. All of those items appealed to me, so in my card... I scrap lifted "em!!! hahahaha Well, they told me to!!!! Although I'm not as great at coloring as Audry is here, and I only have stampin' pastels, (or I suppose I could steal some of Evan's crayons for a while, I've done it before) I tried my hardest to color my image as "cute" as I could. I owe a lot of thanks to my Pal (Lena) for mailing me this image, it's adorable!

OK, without further adieu...... My card:
I think that it turned out rather cute.... if I do say so myself.... maybe I'm finally starting to feel better (after an entire week) and the card-making Gods are smiling down upon me once more. I love all the sarcastic sayings that I was able to find on various stamp sets in my collection. What's getting old without some old women making sure you FEEL old too! Ha ha ha Well I hope this makes you laugh too! I'm off to enjoy a little sunshine today. TTFN


  1. I have to say, I absolutely adore those 3 aged women! Luv the way you coloured them too! Your card's a gem! Thanx for playing at 365 Cards.

  2. i think it turned out awesome!! fantastic lift :)

  3. Wohoo, that image is AWESOME! As is your card - that ribbon and bow is fantastic!

  4. Great image, just wonderful, and I love all the fresh colour, just perfect!!!


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